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Why Choose New Grown Diamond


At New Grown Diamond, creating diamonds that are not only beautiful but also good for the planet is crucial to us. As one of the best CVD diamond manufacturers, we always believe that the global diamond industry must have maximum transparency regulations so that people can know how their diamonds are made. That’s why we at New Grown Diamond follow the best practices.


As a leading diamond manufacturer, we are able to monitor precisely the quality of the gemstones that enter our inventory. We manufacture every stone inhouse with meticulous planning, a keen eye for detail, and multiple checks.


Tradition is part of everything we do. We have an impeccable reputation in the national and international diamond community since the 1980s. That’s because our tradition is to never stand still, but always make sure that we offer our clients the best diamonds and the best values in a changing world.


Certified Diamonds have always provided the much-needed trust and confidence to clients. New Grown Diamond offers diamonds certified by the International Gemological Institute (IGI) which assures trust and confidence to the clients.


We know it is a changing marketplace, and our clients have to contend with competitive internet diamond sites. We can help you succeed by offering what we always have: a curated selection of the best diamonds at the best value.


Today, New Grown Diamond provides unparalleled transparency in presenting its entire inventory online with direct access to certificates, videos, and more. Our customer service team is always ready to assist you with queries, diamond inspection, or anything else you may require.

Affordable and Colored Lab Grown Diamonds

Where naturally produced and colored diamonds sell for higher prices due to their rarity value, thanks to the advanced technology, our quality and GIA-certified lab-grown diamonds with different colors are available for a fraction of the cost of earth-mined diamonds. In fact, you will find them much better and more perfect than natural-colored diamonds. We guarantee that our lab-grown diamonds are 100 percent pure, easy to buy, and steady in color.

Enhanced Purity

Various tests have proved that CVD diamonds are quite better than minded diamonds. With our diamonds, you will not find any dirt or ingrained purity. Besides, they don’t have any defects as all the diamonds are manufactured under extremely careful as well as controlled conditions. On the other hand, lower signs of strains in the structure make them an excellent choice. As one of the most trusted CVD diamond manufacturers, we bring your lab-created diamonds that are better, whiter, and brighter than mine diamonds.

Different Color Options

You all know that colored diamonds are very expensive as they are rare. But with CVD diamonds, you don’t have to worry about that. They cost a fraction of natural diamonds, and most people prefer them over the minded diamond. Moreover, these are more perfect than natural diamonds and steady in color.

Designed To Go With Everything

No matter what your favorite look is, our lab-grown jewelry will go with it all. They can reflect your individuality, and you can confidently express yourself. These diamonds are super easy to clean and durable. Suppose you want to enjoy the feel and look of a natural diamond jewelry piece. But at an affordable price, then go for our lab-grown diamonds.

Funding the Future

Lab-produced diamonds can brighten humanity’s future. The market is exists to create high-tech uses for lab diamonds. Earth-mined diamonds are not suitable for these. When you buy a piece of lab diamond jewelry, you are funding research & development of functional uses of diamond that will improve humanity.